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 Keep your car truck or van in tips top condition with regular scheduled maintenance by following the owner’s manual and a check-list of preventive maintenance “will make your vehicles last longer and fuel efficient”.

 It is important “to have regular check-ups” to protect engine performance; here is a list of useful tips for maintaining your car’s engine:


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Preventive Maintenance Schedule



I.     On average every “One Thousand miles” have a routine vehicle maintenance inspection

  • 1) Engine motor oil
  • 2) Coolant fluid; always check the engine compartment for any signs of leaks
  • 3) Transmission fluid
  • 4) Brake fluid
  • 5) Check tire pressure
  • 6) Inspect belts and hoses (frayed or cracked taking it for granted can create serious engine problems)
  • 7) Inspect brake – replace if needed
  • 8) Inspect suspension
  • 9) Battery inspection
  • 10)*Check all other fluids in the engine and add replace as needed (fluids are important).

II       Every “Three Thousand miles” – vehicle preventive maintenance

  • 1) Change oil; (a primary engine maintenance tips is to change the engine oil along with the filter.

this will ensure proper lubrication and performance of the engine)

  • 2) Lubricate chassis’ key joints.

III      Every “Six Thousand miles”

  • 1) Rotate tires to keep the road handling performance healthy.

IV      Every “Twelve Thousand miles” – scheduled vehicle maintenance

  • 1) Flush radiator, replace anti-freeze
  • 2) Replace air filters.

V       Every Twenty Four Thousand miles – Tune Up Checklist

  • 1) Replace spark plugs; be wary of spark plugs that are beyond the recommended 30,000-mile range
  • 2) Change transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket.

VI      Every “Thirty Thousand Miles” – preventative car maintenance

  • 1) Check and test ignition wires (replace if needed)
  • 2) Test cooling system and heating hoses (replace if needed)
  • 3) Replace fluid in differential and manual transmission.


 Following the guidelines of your owner’s vehicle maintenance booklet is the key to keeping your car – truck or van “going for as long as possible”.

 Each automobile is as different as so their drivers. Putting a little extra money into your vehicle “often times pays off” in the long-run.  (It won’t last long if you definitely don’t care.)

 Wax it often, treat it like a baby, don’t ride your brakes, avoid burning rubber – unless you’re racing or impressing the guys & girls!

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